"Yesterday was my first time attending tbf. Before tbf, my mind was so full of clutter and confusion. 
Leaving tbf -- clarity, peace and calmness came over me. It also made me re-evaluate my behaviors both 
on and off the clock..."

"tbf is a refreshing break to think about and to incorporate Christian values in our everyday lives…"

"I really enjoy it, especially on Thursday when we are very busy -- puts what really is important in perspective."

"I was in attendance yesterday and enjoyed it very much. I wish I had invited coworkers/friends to attend with me. 
I think it is very impactful here at work and hope tbf continues."

"Thank you so much for making it available to call in. I supervise a contact center team and am not always able to leave but can call in."

"It is a great hour of learning and fellowship!"  

"You have brought in wonderful speakers. This is my favorite lunch-time of the month!"

"I liked the thorough explanation about each Bible passage and how it relates to you and how you can apply it."

"I liked how relaxed it was."

"I liked the overall atmosphere of the meeting. Everyone was so engaged in what the pastor was saying."

"I really enjoy the messages and the speakers – always encouraged by the presentation."

"Very relevant to today’s life. Light but meaningful, not “preachy.”

"Great opportunity to invite a friend who may be struggling or in need of spiritual revitalization."